Switch Outsold Next-Gen Consoles in November 2020 in US, Best Seller for 24 Consecutive Months

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console in the US for November 2020 for the 24th consecutive month, beating out the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Nintendo Switch was the top-selling console in the US during November 2020, despite the launch of next generation consoles; the ‘PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. According to the press release, the console sold over 1.35 million units that month. It was also stated the Nintendo Switch was the best selling console in the US for 24 consecutive months.

The Verge points out that PlayStation and Microsoft both claimed to have the biggest launches in console history (but have not released sales figures), and that there have been shortages of both consoles. Other caveats could include the price of the consoles, and the Nintendo Switch library size compared to new titles on the next-gen consoles.

Industry analysts seem to have high praise for the Nintendo Switch as well. In an article on GamesIndustry.biz, five analysts shared their thoughts and predictions for 2021.

Three analysts stated the Nintendo Switch would continue to be the best seller of 2021, along with expecting the rumored “Nintendo Switch Pro.” [1, 2, 3]

“Despite the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, it will be the Nintendo Switch that ends up selling the most units of console hardware in 2021. I will go a step further and suggest this will be driven by content and promotional efforts rather than the release of a new iterative model.” ~ Mat Piscatella, NPD


“Yes, I know, I know. I predict a beefed-up 4K device is coming during Nintendo’s next financial year. And let it be said: “Switch” is just a word.”

[…] “Everybody expecting the Switch to run out of steam in 2021 is in for a bitter disappointment. The Switch will be the best-selling console this year as well, driven by more first-party games, a hardware refresh (see above), and the device having developed into a lifestyle product for the mass market over the course of 2020.

Personally, I like the new Xbox but believe Sony’s PS5 will be significantly ahead at the end of 2021 in terms of both hardware and software sales globally. In Japan (where I am based), Sony is very likely to miss the PS4’s first-year sales numbers because of Nintendo’s continuing dominance in both companies’ home market.” ~ Dr. Serkan Toto, Kantan Games


“I expect Nintendo’s Switch family of devices to be the best-selling consoles again in 2021 following a very strong 2020. Last year I was unconvinced there would be a new flagship model Switch in 2020, but it makes more commercial sense to release an updated version in 2021. I currently have an updated version of the Switch in my forecasts for 2021.

Overall, 2021 is going to be a big year for the console sector, with Switch devices expected to sell in large numbers (currently expecting ~24 million) and next-gen consoles fresh to the market (combined sales forecast to hit ~25 million), segment growth will be substantial even against the backdrop of a pandemic-induced recession.” ~ Piers Harding-Rolls, Ampere Analysis

The head of GamesIndustry.biz, Christopher Dring, and made a surprising claim on Twitter. “In the UK last year, if you add every PS5 sold to every PS4 sold to every Xbox Series sold to every Xbox One sold… you get pretty much how much Nintendo Switch sold.”

Over 2020, worldwide sales have ballooned. From 32.27 million (February 2019), to 34.77 million (April 2019), 36.87 million (July 2019), 41.67 million (October 2019), 52.48 million (January 2020), 55.77 million (May 2020) to 68.30 million (November 2020). It also sold over 15 million units in Japan as of September 2020.

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