Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator Debut Trailer

Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator

Publisher Nacon and developer RingZero Game Studio have shared the first trailer for Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator.

The new trailer shows off the resort hotel simulator, which is set to launch in August of this year. Here’s the debut trailer:

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Here’s a rundown on the game, via its Steam page:

Hotel Life is the first hotel simulator to take you behind the scenes of idyllic holidays. Your mission is to provide unforgettable memories for guests while managing your hotel and growing your business! You will monitor and manage all aspects of your holidaymakers’ stay, from check-in to check-out.

Build your hotel

Choose the ideal location for your hotel, build all the facilities required (reception, restaurant, pool, bungalows, etc.) and design them to your liking. You have complete freedom to furnish and decorate your spaces, both inside and outside. Choose colours and materials (concrete, wood, plaster, stone, etc.) to create different ambiances.

Customer service

Pick up your guests from the airport and take care of their comfort throughout their stay.
You are responsible for all aspects of their holiday from check-in to check-out (cleaning, tidying, food, entertainment, etc.) until you have the means to hire qualified staff to do these jobs for you. Be sure to manage your schedule well; you cannot be in two places at the same time. The happier your guests, the better your online reviews.


Your entrepreneurial and managerial skills will be constantly put to the test. As a manager, you have many responsibilities: recruit staff, organise the jobs that need doing, manage reservations, create menus, optimise the hotel’s profitability, etc. You therefore need to acquire the means to achieve your ambitions and make the right investment decisions.
Once you have basic hotel facilities installed, you can expand and upgrade if your budget allows it: add a larger pool, a sauna, a DJ stage or new sports equipment. The sky’s the limit because it’s your hotel to manage the way you want to!

Multiple game modes

  • Sandbox mode is available for those who want to choose their own venture. You can choose to manage an existing hotel or start from scratch.
  • Want to take a step back and admire what you have built? With the “Wait mode”, you can take a mini holiday yourself and spend the day without worrying about your responsibilities.
  • Play your part in a family story in Career mode. Your aunt and uncle contact you to ask you to help manage their little hotel while they attend to some important business. This is your opportunity to gain experience in the profession and take charge before launching your own career.

Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator is launching August 26th across Windows PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X+S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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