Sweet Baby employees incite harassment campaign against Steam curator

Sweet Baby Inc

Individuals who work with Sweet Baby Inc. have begun a harassment campaign against the creator of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Steam curator.

The curation page is intended to inform users whether a game has relied on Sweet Baby’s “narrative consultation” service.

Critics of Sweet Baby believe that their mission of promoting inclusivity is done at the expense of a game’s narrative quality. Meanwhile the Sweet Baby employees criticize the curator for being ideologically motivated against “woke ppl” and have mocked the curator’s attempts to legitimize their work by avoiding “loaded language” and instead focusing on informing consumers.

The employees in question, Chris Kindred and Felix Kramer have both mentioned the curator, meanwhile Kindred has encouraged their followers to mass flag the curator, as well as his personal Steam account (seemingly to punish him).

Chris Kindred Sweet BabyFelix Kramer Sweet Baby

Kindred also claims that the curator runs afoul of Steam’s Code of Conduct which says “interactions should not be abusive, disparaging, or inflammatory, nor create an environment that is unwelcoming”. However as stated previously, the curator has been tidying up their page in order to focus on informing consumers.

Kramer on the other hand, accuses the curator of being able to arbitrarily list any game they want as being involved with Sweet Baby and questions its accuracy and legitimacy. However the tweet has since received a community note which explains the curator uses Sweet Baby’s own website as a resource. They also use the game’s credits and verify their involvement before posting. You can check out the Sweet Baby Inc detected curator here.

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