Domestic Dog Simulator Lets You Live Out All Your Furriest Dreams

Indie developer Surreal Distractions have released their ambitious dog simulator, Domestic Dog Simulator, onto Steam.

The game offers a staggering 300,000,000+ possibly combinations of dogs that you can play as. There’s a lot of possibilities when you’re out there exploring that dog eat dog world, but ultimately it’s entirely up to you how you spend your days.

Do you want to keep digging up treasures like bones and money (to use at the local shop, Bark Buy), or do you want to make friends with other dogs and maybe even eat your own (sometimes explosive) poop? You can do the boring stuff like urinate on fire hydrants, or continually look for water and food (to keep yourself alive).

The game features a day and night cycle, equal representation of male and female dogs, lots of toys to play with, music playback via your own personal iPaw’d, various minigames (frisbee, herding sheep, etc), customizing your home, and finally, free DLC and updates for the lifetime of the game.

You can find Domestic Dog Simulator here on Steam, for $2, a 33% discount from its regular $2.99 price.

Brandon Orselli


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