Someone has Made a Gabe Newell Simulator


Simulators that simply recreate a city or a functioning society are old news.

Out of this new breed of simulators, we’ve covered goat simulator, cat simulator, grass simulatorrock simulatorfarming simulatorbear simulator, cow simulatorcow-girl farmer simulator, and even a mountain simulator.

Now, someone has made a Gabe Newell simulator.

You know, as in the Gabe Newell from Valve Corporation. The game is going to launch on Steam Early Access today, and it already has a trailer, which you can view above.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Millions of easter eggs! There are already several easter eggs in the game and finished early access there will be many more
  • You can watch for hours the face of Gabe
  • You can release Half Life 3
  • You can eliminate forever Half Life 3

Fans can expect to live out their most glorious PC master race dreams in the boots of Gabe Newell, while fighting other companies, or facing the ultimate decision: releasing Half-Life 3, or just scrapping it. You can also explore Valve Corporation itself, with rooms based off real-life rooms in the company’s headquarters.

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