Wanking Simulator Announced for PC

We’ve covered many joke simulator games – including: goat simulatorcat simulatorgrass simulatorrock simulatorfarming simulatorbear simulatorcow simulatorcow-girl farmer simulatorGabe Newell simulatorman showering simulatorShower With Your Dad simulatorDomestic Dog simulatormountain simulator, build a PC simulator, but this one takes the cake.

Publisher Ultimate Games S.A. and developer MrCiastku have announced Wanking Simulator, a new “masturbating chaos” game that has you running around town, furiously masturbating around the unsuspecting townsfolk. Featured above, you can view the announcement trailer for the game.

Due to the highly controversial subject of sexual content in games, this game is meant to be humorous only, and thus you cannot actually ejaculate in the game. You can only endlessly masturbate while running around, throwing things and kicking people. Protagonist Winston Gay must have a serious case of blue balls.

A release for Wanking Simulator is set for sometime in Q3 of this year for Windows PC, via Steam.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Welcome to Gay Bay, a town in which you need to take matter into your own hands
You play as Winston Gay, a man whose house was taken away by the corrupt government after being called out for wanking too loud by his neighbours. Now, Winston is on a mission to make everyone in the town pay a price for taking away his home.

Wanking Simulator is a mix of destruction & wanking – you are thrown into a town called Gay Bay consisting of a church (God bless), a number of houses and a few other places, such as high school, a garage etc. The main goal is to destroy as many things as possible before getting caught by the police and collect points by wanking to the chaos we caused. You are free to go wherever you want, and destroy anything you want. Our protagonist is given unlockable superpowers, such as making gravity weaker, spawning a rifle in your panties, teleport etc.

Key Features:

  • Explore a nice neighbourhood full of things ready to be sent flying into space
  • Destroy things, throw people around, blow up cars (fun), or be a civilised man whose goal is to quietly wank (boring)
  • Unlockable abilities, such as teleport, or gravity switch
  • Sandbox Mode – customize everything as you wish, gravity, the power of your mighty kick, amount of NPCs etc.
  • Achievements & Global Leaderboard – upload your highscore and compete with other wankers
  • 5 days cycle – each day there are different events happening in Gay Bay
  • Try to cause as much property damage as you can before getting caught by the police
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