PlayStation Visual Arts suffer layoffs after Sony’s “pivot” on AAA multiplayer title

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PlayStation Visual Arts has reportedly suffered from a round of layoffs stemming from Sony’s “large pivot” on a AAA multiplayer game.

This new comes from now ex-employee John Borba, who was the project coordinator for an unannounced AAA project by the company. He states in his LinkedIn that he was let go, along with others, due to restructuring within the company.

While he states one of the reasons for them letting him go was due to the industrywide layoffs currently going on, including Take-Two, Amazon, and Sega. It’s also related to a “large pivot” Sony had pertaining to the unannounced project he was working on.

As an unannounced project, Borba did not make any mention of what it was likely due to NDAs. However, his story does seem related to the rumor reported earlier that The Last of Us multiplayer project would see its development scaled back due to a change in Sony’s plans.

This seems further to be the case with Borba’s next post, which was in response to Naughty Dog’s announcement of them delaying the project, simply stating “bummer”.

Considering his role was listed for an unannounced game, it’s also likely this move is unrelated to that rumor, as The Last of Us multiplayer project has already been announced.


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