Rumor: The Last of Us multiplayer team scaled back, project being reevaluated

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Sony recently had their showcase event which provided tons of new information and game announcements. However one project was missing – The Last of Us standalone multiplayer project.

The company revealed a delay for the project soon after this alongside news of a new “single-player experience”, but a new rumor claims things are not going so well behind the scenes for the upcoming game.

A new rumor (via Bloomberg) says the development team working on the project has been scaled back, with Naughty Dog reevaluating its “quality and long-term viability” as well.

This reports also suggests Bungie, whom Sony had purchased last year, is the reason for this change behind the scenes. They were brought in to aid in the company working on creating more live-service titles. The report states that they “raised questions” in regards to the game’s ability to succeed.

As of now, there has still be little information about the multiplayer project. Sony has assure people multiple times that The Last of Us standalone multiplayer project is still in the works, but it has been years since its initial announcement. Assuming this rumor to be accurate, it’s not looking good for the project.

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