Xbox’s Phil Spencer addresses leaks, will share “real plans” when ready

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It has been previously reported that leaked court documents between Microsoft and the FTC have shown plans for the future of the Xbox including a refresh to the console lineup as well as upcoming games.

This leak goes in contrary of what Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in the past few weeks that there were no plans of a new console and of course it was expected he would address these leaks given his position regardless of prior comments.

Spencer took to Twitter/X to make a statement saying, “We’ve seen the conversation around old emails and documents. It is hard to see our team’s work shared in this way because so much has changed and there’s so much to be excited about right now, and in the future. We will share the real plans when we are ready”.

He is correct in saying their plans have changed since whenever the leaked images were actually created. For example, the Oblivion remaster was supposed to come out FY22, but we are past that time without even hearing of an announcement.

While it is true that the Microsoft and Zenimax were considering or did have work done on all projects leaked, many things likely came in the way that have either caused delayed or even cancelation of their development.

So while there is buzz and excitement around the officially unannounced games supposedly in development. Only when Microsoft officially announces them publicly for Xbox can one truly say a game will happen.

The same goes for the Xbox console refreshes with their currently notable exclusion of a playing physical copies of games.

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