Xbox Series X|S refreshes leaked indicating digital only versions

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The case between Microsoft and the FTC truly is the gift that keeps on giving for gamers wanting to know more details about the long speculated console refreshes of the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. While this doesn’t have anything to do with Sony’s plans, it does shed light on Microsoft’s.

According to leaked redacted court documents, which have been shared by Twitter/X user Wario64. Microsoft appears to have plans on refreshing both the Xbox Series X and the lesser powerful Xbox Series S consoles. Their code names being “Brooklin” and “Ellewood”.

Aside from the obvious performance improvements one would expect, one notable change is that the Series X refresh will be a digital only console. The Series S refresh is also the same, but the current model is already digital only so it’s no surprise to many.

Along with the console refreshes is expected to be a new controller with improvements over the current one that came with the original console’s launch. Prices for this refresh are also expected to come in at the same prices as the current consoles and are designed to replace them as the others will reach “EOL”.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S refreshes are expected to launch in the Fall of 2024.

Given their planned obsolesce, it seems that Microsoft aims to have the Xbox be a digital only platform moving forward. Of course these documents only indicate what they’re planning and it is possible for them to change based on numerous factors.



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