Multiple Xbox documents leaked in FTC v. Microsoft case


Multiple documents concerning the future of Microsoft and Xbox were leaked as part of the FTC v. Microsoft case earlier this year.

In the case, the FTC filed suit against Microsoft concerning their impending acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. Due to the scope and nature of the deal, it seems Microsoft had to lay all their cards out on the table for the FTC and the court.

Now, these documents have been made accessible and surprisingly include plans for Microsoft over the next couple years and include new games, unannounced hardware, and more.

Some big takeaways include improvements to the Xbox Series X/S called the “Refresh” line. Microsoft is also steering their marketing to emphasize their upcoming Sebile controller that is intended to interact with all Xbox devices.

Microsoft included a slide for their “Path to 2030” and highlighted the key points of their operating plans until the end of the decade.

  • Console Business is the Foundation
  • New Endpoints are the Path to 100M Members
  • Controller Becomes the Hero
  • Personalization and Customization
  • Sustainability and Accessibility

A slide called “Xbox Gaming Beyond” showed small hints towards future hardware plans and include:

  • A one handed controller
  • A mobile (Switch-like) controller
  • A handheld (similar to Steam Deck)
  • Gaming keyboard and mouse

Although Microsoft has said “Console Business is the Foundation”, it seems their future plans continue to include PC customers as well; and Xbox Game Pass will continue to bring games to both console and PC.

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