Ubisoft lays off support employees from US and UK offices

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There have been numerous reports of layoffs making the rounds practically everywhere and Ubisoft is no exception. They’ve released a statement revealing that 60 jobs will be cut from their North Carolina and Newcastle offices.

These jobs were specifically for the customer service department, so in terms of game development should have no impact on the company. However, it seems the decision was made quickly and without prior notice.

“Ubisoft’s Customer Relation Center team is evolving its organisation to focus on where we can have a significant impact while remaining steadfast in our commitment to consistently support our players anywhere in the world,” a Ubisoft spokesperson said to Eurogamer.

“We estimate that, due to organisational changes, 60 team members from our offices in Cary, North Carolina in the US and Newcastle in the UK could be impacted.”

Those who found themselves out of a job confirmed this on Twitter that they failed to receive any advance notice from Ubisoft until the layoffs occurred.

From a numbers standpoint, this is actually rather small compared to the other notable layoffs that have occurred in the gaming and tech sphere, such as Microsoft, Amazon (hitting Twitch), and Meta.

Ubisoft themselves have been in a tight situation as of late. Tencent appears primed to attempt to gain a larger stake in the company. While they’re also struggling to get games out the door with Skull and Bones suffering constant delays and other titles have been canceled behind the scenes.

Hopefully for those who did find themselves suddenly without a job that they’re able to get back up on their feet soon.


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