Snowbreak: Containment Zone shares spicier gameplay and live-action trailer

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Chinese Trailer Spicier Thumbnail

Snowbreak: Containment Zone just announced their upcoming event, which is set to be a fun beach adventure with plenty of girls in swimsuits.

However in China, it appears that their marketing material is much more raunchier than what was released globally. There’s no reason for why, especially as China is known for censoring game content compared to global releases due to “suggestive content”.

The videos were posted on the popular Chinese video sharing platform, Bilibili. One is similar to the trailer shared globally during the announcement of the event, however it is longer and has more revealing shots of the girls in swimsuits.

Meanwhile a second trailer was posted, this time a live-action one showing cosplayers dressed as the girls in their attire for the event. This trailer harkens a few reminders of the Nikke ad shared at the start of this year.

Despite its allegations of censorship, the game does appear to be ramping up the fanservice, at least for this event. Whether this means anything for the future tone of the game remains to be seen.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available now for iOS, Android, and PC (via Epic Games Store).



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