New Snowbreak: Containment Zone skin hints at possible censorship

Snowbreak: Containment Zone skin

Snowbreak: Containment Zone has released a new skin for a character’s new gacha banner, though it appears the skin was censored.

A user (via Reddit) pointed out the promotional artwork which may indicate censorship on the playable 3D model, though there is also evidence that this case may not be censorship.

The promotional artwork within the game would imply the character skin for the 5 star character Fritia – Hush is a high-cut leotard. Yet in-game, it appears to actually be a slightly less revealing bodysuit.

Some users agreed with the post and took issue with the potential censorship while others believed it to be no big deal. This usually happens anytime there is discussion on designs in gacha games that may or may not be censored.

In this case, some argued this isn’t censorship, nor false advertising. For example, the skin’s already been shown in a game trailer about a month ago, where it’s the same as the current 3D model. This suggests it could just be a discrepancy in artwork.

Another also pointed out a video by a Chinese user on Bilibili that stated the original design was more covered up and the current one used is actually more revealing, primarily in the cleavage section.

Finally one of the curious things about the discussion of the game is its surprisingly low ESRB rating of E10+, which is seen on their website. However, it appears to have since been updated on all storefronts to a T rating, despite the lower rating on their site.

While this could not be the case of censorship, developer Seasun Games has censored characters from announcement to official release. The most recent example is the release of their previous 5 star character which had exposed skin on her lower back, only for that to be covered up.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available now for iOS, Android, and PC (via Epic Games Store).



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