Nikke removes Thai ad for portraying players as perverts


Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a third-person shooter where recoil makes the girls jiggle. No, really, that’s the main selling point, the jiggle physics on the anime girls.

The mobile gacha crowd is already known for being notoriously horny when it comes to anime characters, so a game that intentionally plays into the sexy aspect is bound to be really popular.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke resides on an overcrowded market of mobile games, so advertising is a necessity if they want people to play the game.

Now what is the best place to play a sexy game on your phone? If you answered “a birthday party, full of children”, then you may have a job awaiting you at Goddess of Victory: Nikke‘s marketing department.

Nikke‘s marketing for Thailand borders on bizarre, focusing on an overweight player who is getting way too horny in a family setting. You can watch the ad below:

The community got offended by the ad’s portrayal of the average Goddess of Victory: Nikke player, which caused it to be removed by publisher Level Infinite.

The Thailand page responsible for the game said the following:

【Sorry for the online advertisement incident on January 11th】

Dear All Commanders

From the fact that the team published a new online advertisement on January 11 on the game’s social media channels in the Thai region which after the team has published such advertisements We have received comments from some players that suggest inappropriate content and style of presentation within such advertisements.

The team must apologize and apologize for any content and style of presentation in this ad. That results in players being extremely uncomfortable or dissatisfied. For this mistake, the team has acknowledged the lack of care in considering the presentation of the content in the advertisement and has published it in detail. The team has already removed and suspended the distribution of such advertisements from the official social media channels of the Thai region in all channels of the game.

The team would like to thank you for all the comments from all players. The team will take comments and suggestions from players to improve and develop content. The form of advertising and promoting the game to be better in the future. Including careful and thorough refrain from presenting more sensitive content in various fields

The team apologizes for the incident that happened once again.

Gacha games have fully embraced being bait for horny people, with games like Destiny Child and Last Origin featuring some borderline pornographic CG, so Goddess of Victory: Nikke is right at home in the current mobile climate.

Nikke‘s Thai marketing team will definitely have to work on their tactics, though, as they were just a bit too honest with what they think of their fanbase.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke has been available for iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play).

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