Sea of Thieves Guide – The Hoarder’s Hunt Part Four Answer and Voyage

Sea of Thieves the Hoarder's Hunt Defaced Reaper's Mark

We finally did it! The Hoarder’s Hunt has been solved and some lucky winners are getting some trinkets made of real gold sent to their homes. But let’s be honest, the real reward is the trinkets we’re going to get to show off in-game for riding on the coattails of others’ success. Some would argue that’s the way a true pirate should be anyways.

The Hoarder’s Hunt Part Four: The Hunt for the Hoarder’s Golden Key

First things first, go to the official site and sign in with your Xbox Live account here.

You should be taken to a page where you can input a code to solve the riddle.

The answer is: Bait Trap Break Retake

Just copy and paste it and you should now be set to do the voyage.

The Hunt for the Hoarder’s Golden Key

The voyage is easy and can literally be done in less than 40 minutes depending on where you spawn and your luck with digging. You’re free to ignore this section if you want to solve the in-game riddles yourself!

  1. Sign in, this time you can be at any outpost since you’ll be going near the center of the map. Plunder Outpost and Ancient Spire are probably a little closer however.
  2. Purchase the voyage from Larinna. It literally costs 0 gold, just don’t forget to grab it from her.
  3. Sail to the island on your quest map and dig up the mysterious book. This island is randomized like most treasure voyages, but it should be nearby.
  4. Equipped with a book, your first location is The Fort of the Damned. You’ll find your next set of pages by digging in front of a weapon armory near the fort itself. This isn’t a decoration, we mean the actual interactable “armory” where you can change your weapon loadout, like the one on your ship.

    The Hoarder's Hunt Part 4 Pages Fort of the Damned

  5. We’re going to skip a few steps here because they’re not necessary to actually completing the voyage.
  6. Your next destination is Wanderer’s Refuge. Your next set of pages will be found after digging underneath a bell on a post.
    Wanderer's Refuge The Hoarder's Hunt Missing Pages
  7. Your next step is Hidden Spring Keep. Once again we’re skipping a few stages here.
  8. The pages on Hidden Spring Keep are by a red cannonball barrel under the scaffolding on the northeast side.
    Hidden Spring Keep Hoarder's Hunt Missing Pages
  9. Your next set of pages will be at Crooked Masts. This place is difficult to navigate and your next set of pages will be near the cooking spot on the northern spire.
    Crooked Masts Hoarder's Hunt
  10. Finally, your prize rests on Sea Dog’s Tavern. There’s actually a bit of sand here on the north side of the main rock but you wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking. Find it, and dig there
    Sea Dog's Tavern Hoarder's Hunt Final Dig Spot
  11. Now that you’ve dug up the key you’ve finished The Hoarder’s Hunt! Sell the key for an extra gold reward.

Once you’ve done all four voyages, you should have the Defaced Reaper’s Mark Sails!

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Don’t forget! The dig spots are very precise on these voyages! Don’t get discouraged!

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)

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