Sea of Thieves Guide – The Hoarder’s Hunt Part Three Answer

Sea of Thieves The Hoarder's Hunt

We’re over halfway done with “The Hoarder’s Hunt” in Sea of Thieves, this new Mystery is moving quite a bit faster than the last one; hopefully everyone gets a chance to play it.

If you’ve done the first two steps, now you can do the third voyage in the four-part mystery: Portrait of Plunder.

The Hoarder’s Hunt Part Three: The Hunt for the Argent Silver Key

First things first, go to the official site and sign in with your Xbox Live account here.

You should be taken to a page where you can input a code to solve the riddle.

The answer is: 3GDURG

Just copy and paste it and you should now be set to do the voyage.

The Hunt for the Sterling Silver Key

The voyage is easy and can literally be done in less than 40 minutes depending on where you spawn and your luck with digging. You’re free to ignore this section if you want to solve the in-game riddles yourself!

  1. Sign in and check if you’re at Galleon’s Grave Outpost or Dagger Tooth Outpost. Many of the islands you’ll be going to will be in the immediate area.
  2. Purchase the voyage from Larinna. It literally costs 0 gold, just don’t forget to grab it from her.
  3. Sail to the island on your quest map and dig up the mysterious book. This island is randomized like most treasure voyages, but it should be nearby.
  4. Equipped with a book, your first location is Old Faithful Isle. There you’ll search the south-central part of the island in search of some planks placed in an ‘X’.
    Sea of Thieves Old Faithful Isle Hoarder's Hunt
  5. Next, you’ll sail to Galleon’s Grave Outpost. There’s some clues that lead you here in the book, but you’re not reading a guide because you want to do it properly, you want to do it fast. We don’t blame you.
  6. At Galleon’s Grave, check the northeast corner of the island for a skeleton crushed by a giant kraken bone. Dig around there.
    Sea of Thieves Galleon's Grave Outpost
  7. Finally, your last stop is Kraken’s Fall; which is fitting after the spot you dug up in Galleon’s Grave Outpost.
  8. Once you’re at Kraken’s Fall, you’ll want to get up high on the north side and get atop the arch near the bay. There you’ll find a lantern, dig near there and you’ll find the Sterling Silver Key!
    Sea of Thieves Krakens Fall Hoarder's Hunt

Don’t panic if you dig in the right spot and don’t get the pages or chest right away. This voyage is meant to be particular with where to dig so just keep trying.

Sea of Thieves is available for Windows PC (via the Microsoft Store, and Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we can’t recommend it enough!!)



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