Pokemon Scarlet and Violet finally details its upcoming patch

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

When Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched back in November, they were plagued with numerous bugs ranging from funny visual glitches to some more game breaking issues.

While this didn’t stop the game’s from being major successes, Nintendo and Game Freak did promise to address these problems. They previously teased a big patch for the titles sometime in late February.

Now they’ve revealed many of the patch notes that can be expected from it – though again no concrete release date was given.

The amount that will be fixed is a long list, so it’s encouraged to check it out to see if any of the issues one might be facing if they own the games will get fixed. It’s also worth noting that this is not the comprehensive list of fixes either.

This upcoming update isn’t only dedicated to bug fixes. There will be some added in functionality such as the ability to change Pokémon nicknames from the PC box or swapping items with just one button press. The rest of the changes mainly include features that focus on quality-of-life.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our review here! (Despite the bugs, we still recommend it!)

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