Palworld tops 19 million players on PC and Xbox


Japanese developer Pocket Pair announced Palworld has already topped 19 million total players on both PC and Xbox consoles.

The new milestone includes 12 million players on the game’s Windows PC (via Steam) version and 7 million players on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.

Palworld was just released on January 19th, for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.

Amidst the game’s insane popularity, the development team has focused primarily on squashing bugs and have revealed a full early access roadmap to Niche Gamer:

Palworld roadmap

Palworld Early Access Roadmap

  • Addressing Critical Issues
  • Currently, numerous bugs have been identified, and we are prioritizing fixing those.
  • Sometimes, the world date may experience rollbacks.
  • The loading screen may persist when trying to load into worlds.
  • …and so on.

Improvements to Implement ASAP

  • Key configuration improvements.
  • Improvements to base Pal AI and pathing.

Planned Future Updates

  • PvP
  • Raid Bosses (End-Game Content)
  • Pal Arena (PvP for Pals)
  • Steam-Xbox Crossplay
  • Various Xbox Feature Improvements
  • Server Transfers and Migrations
  • Improvements to the Building System
  • New islands, Pals, Bosses, and Technologies.

New to Palworld? Get started with our Palworld guides below:



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