Pokemon with guns game Palworld launches this month


Japanese developer Pocket Pair has announced Palworld is finally launching this month, starting 2024 off with a bang.

The Pokemon with guns game is finally launching on January 19th for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Palworld will launch in early access and will also be on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The game will be in early access for at least one year, during which Pocket Pair will update the game based on its content roadmap, adding content and adding new game systems, all the while improving quality of the title.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Mysterious monsters called “Pal” inhabit the world of “Palworld”. Each Pal has individuality, appearance, size, characteristics, and specialized skills. Therefore, you will encounter many different Pals on your journey.


  • Survival – In a harsh environment where food is scarce and vicious poachers roam, danger waits around every corner. To survive, you must tread carefully and make difficult choices…even if that means eating your own Pals when the time comes.
  • Mounts & Exploration – Pals can be mounted to traverse the land, sea and sky—allowing you to traverse all kinds of environment as you explore the world.
  • Building Structures – Want to build a pyramid? Put an army of Pals on the job. Don’t worry; there are no labor laws for Pals.
  • Production – Make use of Pals and their skills to make fire, generate electricity, or mine ore so that you can live a life of comfort.
  • Farming – Some Pals are good at planting seeds, while others are skilled at watering or harvesting crops. Work together with your Pals to create an idyllic farmstead.
  • Factories & Automation – Letting Pals do the work is the key to automation. Build a factory, place a Pal in it, and they’ll keep working as long as they’re fed—until they’re dead, that is.
  • Dungeon Exploration – With Pals on your side you can tackle even the most dangerous areas. When the time comes, you might have to sacrifice one to save your skin. They’ll protect your life—even if it costs their own.
  • Breeding & Genetics – Breed a Pal and it will inherit the characteristics of its parents. Combine rare pals to create the strongest Pal of them all!
  • Poaching & Crime – Endangered Pals live in wildlife sanctuaries. Sneak in and capture rare Pals to get rich quick! It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught, after all.
  • Multiplayer – Multiplayer is supported, so invite a friend and go on an adventure together! And of course you can battle your friends and trade Pals, too. In online co-op play mode, up to 4 players can play together. Additionally, a dedicated server can allow up to 32 players to play together.
    Note: PvP will be implemented in a future update.
    Note: The maximum number of players playable on the same server will also be increased in a future update.


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