Palworld – 5 Tips for Beginners

Palworld Beginner Tips Guide

Palworld can be a little confusing at times, so we figured we’d help you out with a beginner guide.

Palworld‘s tutorial is pretty brief, only giving players the basics on base building an capturing pals, leaving new adventurers to figure out the game’s systems for themselves.

The game is pretty straightforward at times, but certain areas are deeper than they look, so we worked on a helpful guide to make you a little less lost in the Palworld.

5- Free pals inside of bandit camps

Bandit camps can be pretty risky to enter in Palworld‘s early game, especially because everyone inside has guns, while the player is still stuck with a baseball bat. There is, however, one major incentive.

At the center of every bandit camp, there’s a cage with a pal inside. This pal is seemingly random, which gives players the chance to find rarer pals much earlier than usual.

There’s no need to fight or capture them, as they’ll be added to your arsenal of pals as soon as you free them from their cage, which is a pretty good deal.

4- Stats and catch power

Palworld is a survival RPG first and foremost, and that includes leveling up and improving your stats.

Every new level earned gives the player both technology and stat points to spend. Technology points will most likely be used to expand your base or unlock new weapons, while stat points can be used to better your character.

Increasing your stamina or carry weight early on is extremely important, as those are the most valuable resources you’ll have in Palworld. You can also put some points in health if you find yourself struggling against the early game bosses. Feel free to customize your character to suit your needs.

Your ability to catch pals can also be increased by interacting with statues you’ll find throughout the world. These statues require you to offer Lifmunk Effigies to increase your catch power, which can be found in tricky locations spread around the land.

Lifmunk Effigies mostly give away their location because of their bright green glow, so keep an eye out for anything that shines in out of reach places.

3- Pal skills and key items

Every pal in Palworld has a set of skills, which can be either active or passive.

The differentiation between passive and active skills helps with understanding which pals are meant for labor and which ones are meant for combat, as not every skill is going to be useful while fighting bosses, in the same way that not every skill is going to be useful while farming inside your base.

Most pals require you to craft a key item in the pal gear workbench before you can use their active skill, and it’s worth investing in them, because they don’t take up any inventory space and give you a wider range of abilities to make use of.

2- Work aptitude and Pal types

Most activities in your base require a pal to be of a certain type, like for example, only fire pals being able to cook food, but this also extends to work aptitude.

Certain pals are able to manage your storage, perform handiwork, plant seeds, or keep fridges fresh, which are all dependent on their aptitude towards certain activities.

Paying attention to a Pal’s type and work aptitude is the key to making your base have a smooth operation, ensuring that everything functions while you are away exploring.

1- Captured pals can help with tasks

It’s common knowledge that throwing your pal at an enemy will cause them to instantly start fitghting, but it’s not widely discussed that this can also be done to put them to work.

Captured pals can be thrown at a task and depending on their aptitude will actually perform it, even outside of your base. It’s worth taking pals that can mine or cut wood around with you, as they’ll be able to help you forage for materials.

If you let your captured pal loose in your base, this also means that you essentially have an extra worker, which is extremely useful for players early on before unlocking more base slots.

Palworld was just released on January 19th, for Windows PC (via Steam and the Microsoft Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also on Xbox Game Pass.



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