Nexus Mods Bans Pronoun Removal Mod

Nexus Mods has upheld their previous statement about excluding certain mods and it’s confirmed they’ve deleted and will delete Starfield mods that remove pronouns or otherwise .

A Twitter user shared this news while showing a screenshot of the mod:

They also provided a link to the mod page on Nexus Mods, and when visiting it, the mod has already been deleted:

Former screenshot of when the mod was up:

Some users celebrated Nexus Mod’s censorship.

Nexus Mods, while not stating it directly, suggested they would ban such mods a couple days ago when people were claiming that the site “announced” it would delete pronoun-removing mods for Starfield.

As noted several times before, Nexus Mods is no stranger to controversial removals, in the past they banned an alternate costume mod because the character it was affecting was “underage” (despite the lack of evidence claiming this).

A mod that turned a black character in Baldur’s Gate 3 white was also removed from the website.

The site previously banned a mod that changed all the LGBT flags into American flags in a certain Spider-Man game, while one that transformed all flags into LGBT flags was left alone.

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