Nexus Mods reportedly banning Starfield mods that remove pronouns

Starfield mods

The “pronouns” in Starfield are so much of a “not a big deal” that Nexus Mods is now allegedly banning any mods that remove them from the game.

Twitter users were drawing attention to some threads in the Starfield Steam forums revealing that Nexus Mods supposedly announced they will ban any mods that remove the pronoun feature:

There doesn’t appear to be any official announcement on the Nexus Mods website or Twitter account about the matter, but one Twitter user shared a message they got from Nexus Mods support (it is possible the message could be fake):

A feedback thread on the NexusMods website also had a staff member claiming that the banning of mods that remove pronouns from the game is “allegedly not happening”:

However, a webmaster of Nexus Mods made it clear their stance on mod banning, even if they didn’t address the matter directly:

The news post the webmaster linked to, which was from the Spider-Man game pride flag mod debacle:

Nexus Mods is no stranger to having a biased political agenda as they banned an alternate costume mod because the character it was affecting was “underage” (despite the lack of evidence claiming this).

A mod that turned a black character in Baldur’s Gate 3 white was also removed from the corrupt website.

The site also banned a mod that changed all the LGBT flags into American flags in a certain Spider-Man game, while one that transformed all flags into LGBT flags was worshiped.

The policing of peoples’ politics on such websites is sadly not uncommon as the gender propaganda and woke corruption of the West has permeated throughout the entire entertainment industry.

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