Reddit dwellers get Baldur’s Gate 3 race swap mod removed

Baldur's Gate 3 race swap mod

Nexus Mods, a place where mods for various games can be downloaded, permanently “banned” a mod for the recently released Baldur’s Gate 3.

The now-banned mod for the game focused entirely on swapping character Wyll’s black skin for a lighter shade.

How character Wyll usually looks in-game:

Here’s what Wyll looks like after the mod is applied:

There was a tear-soaked Reddit thread that had been complaining about the mod as if the character were a real person:

Apparently there was a lot of whining on the Nexus Mods page as well, and eventually the admins caved to the Reddit thread (which had no issues denigrating white people), and set the mod to “under review” (presumably forever):

Nexus Mods is no stranger when it comes to exuding “Reddit mod” energy, as they previously banned a lewd outfit mod for Trials of Mana because the character was “underage”, even though there is no official information about the girl’s age.

There was also the notorious Spider-Man flag mod debacle where one mod got banned for replacing all the LGBT flags with American flags, while the mod that makes all flags the LGBT flags was praised.

Such incessant whining about a harmless mod shouldn’t be surprising as the types of people playing the game praise the in-game bear sex as revolutionary, while at the same time claiming lust for fictional anime characters to be comparable to “pedophilia”.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on Windows PC (via Steam) and is coming to PS5 on September 6th, with an Xbox Series X|S port coming later. Check out our review for the game!

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