Spider-Man Remastered mod surfaces that replaces all flags with LGBT flags


Not long after the Spider-Man Remastered controversy over a mod that replaces LGBT flags, another mod has surfaced that does the opposite: replace all flags with the LGBT flag.

The new “Colorful New York” mod replaces all of the game’s Stars and Stripes flags, the official flag of the United States, for the LGBT or “Pride” flag for what the modder notes is a “more vibrant New York.”

The original “Non-Newtonian New York” mod replaced the handful of LGBT flags in the game with the American flag – and it didn’t take long for the mod to raise controversy.

This led to the mod quickly getting pulled entirely from the community and its modder banned from Nexus Mods, with the site saying they are “no longer welcome on Nexus.” It was instantly rehosted on various sites by players since, but the debate remains.

In comparison, the Colorful New York Spider-Man mod has been downloaded and viewed around the same amount as the original flag-changing mod (before it was pulled), and yet it still remains available to download.

There’s also Spider-Man mods for Britain’s Union Jack and one for the flag of Portugal, but the mods make it extremely clear they only replace the American flag. It seems one flag can be replaced while one cannot.

It’s interesting to browse Nexus Mods for other mods that might raise controversy, like slavery mods, the literal hundreds of nude and/or sex mods, or the several versions of killable children for Skyrim.

Debate tends to boil down to pointing out these other aforementioned mods being allowed, while some are defending Nexus Mods’ stance and decision(s) as a private entity.

There are naturally others that are questioning whether or not a mod replacing the LGBT flag –but it seemingly cannot be the United States flag–would be allowed.

Spider-Man Remastered was just released PC (via Steam and Epic Game Store) and PS5 – expect our thorough review shortly.

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