Netflix trying to get Grand Theft Auto into its growing library

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According to various reports, Netflix is attempting to bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise to their growing platform of games.

The new report (via the WSJ), Netflix is in talks with Take-Two Interactive, the owners of the GTA franchise, to bring a game onto their platform. There’s no confirmation on what game this would be, whether it would be a port of an existing title or one created just for them.

Given the nature of the games already available through the streaming giant, it’s unlikely to be anything major. This includes the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI that’s most assuredly going to need some powerful hardware, and supposedly will have a hefty price tag as well.

If it is a port, it could be infamously bad remaster collection that contained classic games from the franchise when it made the jump to 3D. Netflix will likely want something with better reputation to bring to their platform as a means to get people to play games through their service.

This wouldn’t be the first major IP promised to them. Assassin’s Creed is also set to get a mobile game through Netflix in the future.

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