Johnny Somali arrested and released after allegedly harassing woman in Israel

Johnny Somali

Nuisance streamer Johnny Somali (Ismael Ramsey Khalid) has been arrested and subsequently released after allegedly harassing a female officer in Israel.

Khalid is largely known for his racist and criminal behavior in Japan, wherein he taunted Japanese citizens about the deaths in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2 saying: “You know Hiroshima, Nagasaki? Why did you do Pearl Harbor? You know what we do to you. We destroy, because you don’t know how to behave. We will do it again, you understand?”

He was eventually charged with forcible obstruction of a business due to his disruptive behavior in public, as well as trespassing on construction sites. This has resulted in Khalid being effectively “banned” from the country.

When we say banned, it’s not an official designation; but Khalid will be registered as a convict in Japan and required to disclose that information when applying for a visa. It’s likely that he will be refused future entry into the country for this reason.

Kicked out of Japan, Khalid has taken his nuisance streaming to Israel which is currently in the middle of a war with Hamas militants.

Nuisance streamers like Johnny Somali rely on their status as foreigners to protect them from consequences, and unfortunately this does appear to work to a certain extent. You can check out his arrest footage below.

Nuisance influencer Johnny Somali has been arrested in Israel for harassing a female police officer.
byu/notregular inAsmongold

Nuisance Streaming refers to the act of committing criminal or antisocial acts on social media for “entertainment”. These types of streams are more popular on sites like TikTok and Kick where moderation is more relaxed than YouTube or Twitch (as long as you’re a 20 something woman).

Khalid posted a response on Twitter, calling the news of his arrest “fake news”. He continues to try and explain that he was actually trying to “bring peace” to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.


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