Twitch targets butt streamers with new policy banning “intimate body parts”


While Twitch is a streaming platform that got success and popularity with video games, over the years many of its top streamers simply talk into a camera and/or show off their body parts, especially if they’re women.

Adult-focused female streamers on Twitch have tried skirting around the company’s policy changes and ban on content that is too lewd, with the latest ban focused on booty streamers.

No, not regular old strippers and camgirls – these are video game streamers projecting games they’re playing onto their bootyholes while talking about the game or whatever floats their boat.

Ok maybe we’re not seeing streamers like Morgpie or Amouranth literally streaming Fortnite onto their buttholes but rather super-imposed shots of their butts have the game green-screened, while a front face-cam has them commentating, like so:

This new and popular way of skirting around Twitch’s ban on adult content prompted a quick response from the platform, noting a new ban on this booty green-screening is apparently coming this Friday.

“Our Community Guidelines are designed to help make Twitch a welcoming place,” the platform said. “Content on Twitch is always evolving, and we want to make sure our rules work as intended and keep up with emerging behaviors. When needed, we make updates to our rules to capture those shifts in behavior, and so it’s clear to the community what is allowed.”

Twitch confirmed on Friday, March 29th, “content that focuses on intimate body parts for a prolonged period of time” will not be allowed. They linked their Community Guidelines sheet which has more information on what sexual content they do and do not allow.

To be clear, Twitch as a platform has struggled for years on how to handle sexual or borderline sexual content. They’ve banned specific sexual acts or types of content or themes, only to repeal them later. They’ve also allowed more sexual content, only to ban more of it later, too.

The platform famously addressed the streamers that would stream nearly-naked in a small bathing suit by saying they’d only allow them to stream like that from a swimming-setting, like a pool. So, many enterprising booty streamers and camgirls got inflatable hottubs in their studio apartments to skirt around the new rules.

And thus was born the glorious “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” category on Twitch, the video games streaming platform. Since the new policy change was announced the platform hasn’t confirmed if they’re going to allow a “Booty Green Screen” category.

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