YouTuber continues unsettling trend of lawbreaking in Japan

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A nuisance YouTuber Fidias recently posted a video where he traveled across Japan “for free”. How? Boarding trains without paying, hiding in bathrooms, and evading police.

Fidias is the latest in a recent trend of content creators treating Japan like it’s a playground, likely emboldened by the misguided notion their foreign citizenship will protect them from the worst consequences.

Though in all fairness, Japan wasn’t his first target as he has videos doing the same thing in the US and the UK; but it comes at a bad time as streamers encouraged by the infamy of Johnny Somali have taken to harassing people and allegedly committing crimes in the country.


Tourists treating foreign countries with disrespect is hardly anything new, or unique to Japan. However as one of the US’s biggest allies and also the home of gaming giants like Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, and more, people are fascinated with the country.

Thanks to Japan’s relatively low crime rate and high-trust society, nuisance influencers like Fidias and Johnny Somali are able to get away with their crimes for a time. Due to the fact that Fidias’s exploits were posted in an edited video as opposed to a stream, it’s likely he managed to evade consequences.

Conversely, Johnny Somali had been arrested and allegedly interrogated by Japanese police. Most recently, he had been arrested again after filming in a restaurant without permission and his current status is unknown.

Somali allegedly trespassed on a construction site, harassed women, and threatened Japanese train passengers with racist comments and allusions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki saying: “You know Hiroshima, Nagasaki? Why did you do Pearl Harbour? You know what we do to you. We destroy, because you don’t know how to behave. We will do it again, you understand?”

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