Johnny Somali found guilty and effectively banned from Japan

Johnny Somali

Nuisance Kick streamer Johnny Somali has been found guilty by a Japanese court and banned from the country for an indeterminate amount of time.

According to Yahoo News, Johnny Somali (Ismael Ramsey Khalid) will be fined 200,000 Japanese Yen (approximately $1381 USD) and will be kicked out of the country following his felony conviction.

The “ban” itself isn’t part of his sentence, but rather a combination of his deportation alongside an obligation to identify himself as a convict if he ever attempts to return to the country. According to X (formerly Twitter) user Jeffrey Hall who’s familiar with the situation, while Japan may not necessarily be strict about allowing former convicts back into the country, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be allowed back any time soon.

Khalid was charged with “forcible obstruction of a business” due to his obnoxious behavior at a gyudon restaurant in Osaka. He was also arrested for trespassing on a construction site, a crime for which he was ultimately not charged.

Nuisance streamers aren’t a new phenomenon, as prank channels have been around for over a decade. However their widely publicized belligerence has drawn greater condemnation from a public no longer willing to tolerate their behavior.

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