Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 6.0 Patch Notes Released; Fly Me to the Moon Cover by Sia

Final Fantasy XIV Sia Fly Me To The Moon 6.0 Patch Notes

Square Enix have released the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 6.0 patch notes, and a cover of Fly Me to the Moon by Sia.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Endwalker, multi-platinum Australian pop star released a cover of Fly Me to the Moon. Along with some scenes of a female dragoon, the music video features scenes from trailers for A Realm Reborn (the re-made Final Fantasy XIV base game), and expansions Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringersand Endwalker. You can find it below.

While many seem happy with the Endwalker 6.0 patch notes and the collaboration with the Australian pop star, others have taken issue. In February of this, Sia apologized for scenes depicted in the film Music, which she directed.

Critisism included not only casting a non-autistic woman to play an autistic character, but trailers also depicted the character being restrained during an emotional meltdown [1, 2, 3]. Sia stated the film would have a content warning added to it, and later version having the scene removed entirely. Sia would later disable her Twitter account.

In addition, Square Enix have released the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker 6.0 patch notes for 6.0. While lengthy, much of it covers what had already been announced, and remains spoiler free. However, there are several elements of note. In case you missed it, we covered all the major changes coming with patch 6.0 when Endwalker launches, and beyond [12].

Certain instanced battles in Endwalker‘s Main Scenario can include character portraits alongside dialogue boxes; though this can be disabled if players wish. Also, players can earn bicolor gemstones when completing FATEs in 6.0 areas, which can be traded in for rewards from an NPC. The more FATEs a player completes, the more that NPC will sell.

Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest will be implemented (seemingly from 2017 to 2019), and new prizes are coming to the Golden Saucer. It seems one of these may be a pair of spectacles. More Triple Triad cards will be added, along with new NPCs to play against, and new areas where players can play.

A new face option will be added for male Midlander Hyur, closely resembling the Warrior of Light used in the Final Fantasy XIV trailers. Estinien will also be added as a new avatar NPC, though he cannot accompany players into Shadowbringers‘ dungeons. New prizes and duty goals will be added to the Wondrous Tails.

The Job Guide has also been updated- detailing exactly how the Job actions will have changed. This includes new stats, and comparisons to their originals. Along with the extensive re-working of the Summoner, the details behind the new Reaper and Sage Jobs have been added. Combos are also easier to perform, while the Sic Pet Action has been removed. The adjusted PVP actions have also been updated.

The “Armory Bonus” has also been adjusted. This grants bonus EXP to any Job that is not your highest level Job. While this currently grants 100% extra EXP to Jobs level 69 or less; the 50% bonus for levels 70 to 80 are being increased to 100% as well. Characters 80 to 89 will gain an extra 50% EXP.

New enemies and Elite Marks were also teased. Among them includes a giant dog-like creature with reptilian legs, and what may best be described as a “Moon Cactaur.” While it is slim, tall, and chrome; the Elite Mark version is spectrum colored, flowering, and with a frilled collar.

While Allagan tomestones of Aphorism will be added; nearly all other tomestones will be discontinued. Allegory, Revelation, and Phantasmagoria tomestones can all be exchanged for Tomestones of poetics once 6.0 launches.

Poetics tomestones will continue to be earned up to level 80 content. Also, gear that required the exchange of a base item and upgrade material can now be obtained directly for poetic tomestones. This can be compared to past updates where “augmented” versions of gear in older content became the norm.

For crafters; red scrips are being fully discontinued, while yellow scrips can be exchanged for white scrips. Crafters and gatherers also have new traits and actions, while others have been removed and re-worked. This is part of re-working the Perception stat. An option to add items to your market board favorites list will also be added to the subcommand menu for recipe ingredients.

Teleporting includes the option to use Aetheryte tickets automatically when it would cost more than a certain amount. Teleporting via the Aethernet in towns will also display the local map to help discern your destination. The party list will also display the target of spells cast by party members (with their slot number next to the spell name).

Final Fantasy XIV is available for Windows PC, Mac (via the SE Store, and Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and still planned for Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can find our Shadowbringers expansion review here (we can’t recommend it enough!)

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion was recently delayed, but finally launches December 7th. Those who have pre-ordered the expansion can enter early access now.

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