Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Live Producer Letter Reveals Housing Lottery, PVP Changes, and More

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Square Enix have announced further details and changes coming to MMORPG expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, patch 6.0, and beyond.

First, Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida opened the Live Producer Letter profusely apologizing that the expansion had to be delayed to December 7th. Early Access (for those who pre-order) will begin December 3rd. Patch 6.00 will launch alongside Endwalker, followed by 6.01 on December 21st, and Patch 6.05 on January 4th, 2022.

After going over the new areas again (Old Sharlayan, Radz-at-Han, Labyrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, and more), it was revealed that major NPCs would travel alongside you for certain quests.

While some quests would have these characters fight alongside you at select moments, this did not include them traveling with you. The characters will talk among themselves, and can even take part in gposing.


There will also be new Role Quests for Tanks, Healers, Physical DPS, Magical DPS, and Ranged DPS. Those complete each of these will unlock extra quests coming in 6.1 or later. However, there will be no level 90 Job Quests, as the Jobs are “concluded” as of level 80.

Studium Deliveries will also be introduced; acting akin to the Crystarium Deliveries. This will feature 5 Disciplines of the Hand and Land questlines. This is divided between Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith; Carpenter, Leatherworker, Weaver; Alchemist, Culinarian; Botanist, Miner, and Fishing on its own.

Some of the new Dungeons were shown, but new Trials were merely hinted at to keep them a “secret.” The new Raid dungeons will include Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (added in 6.01), and its Savage difficulty (6.05). 6.05 will also introduce a new treasure dungeon; The Exicatron 6000.


One segment was entirely dedicated to major changes coming to re-invigorate the game’s PvP scene. The new Crystal Conflict mode will be added in 6.1; a 5 v 5 mode where players must push a crystal into their opponent’s base.

The mode is designed to have simple rules that can be played casually, and based on what players like. Some maps will have gimmics however, such as being able to set off explosions. It will support Casual, Ranked, and Custom Matches; and support skill-based matchmaking.

Crystal Conflict also comes with major changes to PvP. Role-based matchmaking and actions will be removed, adding distinct PvP actions and Job-specific “Adrenaline Rushes.” There will also be an overhaul to rewards players will earn. While Crystal Conflict will run on shorter “seasons,” all other PvP modes will run on Series. However, Series appear to have a Battle Pass style progression system.


As players play Series PvP, they will gain Series EXP. As they gain Series Levels, they will gain tokens (which can be redeemed for further rewards), and gear, mounts, and other items at certain level milestones. While the Level resets every new Series, tokens are carried over; and can be spent on rewards from prior series.

Seasons will reward players based on their places in matches, and tier at the end of the season; granting titles, achievements, and other accolades. There will also be a new Calling Card system for PvP; customized profiles that can be decked out with backgrounds and other options via rewards earned throughout the game.

This system will be introduced in 6.1, and may end up being used outside of PvP, such as when searching for a player. 6.1 will also see the removal of The Feast PvP mode. There will still be a Preseason when 6.00 launches, and Wolf Collars can still be earned and traded even after The Feast is discontinued. Loot from The Feast will be incorporated into the new PvP rewards system.


HQ items being no longer obtainable via gathering was re-iterated (though no harder to make). Discipline of the Hand quests involving them would be updated to accept normal or HQ items, while HQ item delivery bonuses would be removed. Actions that affected HQ item yields will be adjusted, along with achievements based around gathering them (so they may still be completed).

The Perception stat also had its name changed in Japanese, but worldwide the stat will also increase the odds of Gatherer’s Boon- granting a bonus yield of 1. The actions that increased the odds of HQ items will now increase the odds of the Boon.

Fishing will also have new and adjusted actions. HQ fish will be replaced with Large-Size fish, and Perception will affect Fish collectability. Spearfishing will also be adjusted to provide better immersion. Players can enter a short mini-game in teeming waters, timing the thrust of their harpoon to catch fish passing in front of three rows.


Gil rewards from Leves are being adjusted due to inflation, while EXP and Gil from Tradecraft and Fishing Leves (that require a large number of items) will also be reduced, as they were too high. However, EXP and Gil from certain Leves will be increased. The EXP on offer may appear reduced, and this will be due to EXP downscaling being implemented concurrently.

EXP required and earned will be downscalled, and will affect all classes, Jobs, Retainers, and Trust NPCs. Despite this, the number of duty clears and others required to level up will remain unchanged. However, mid-level EXP will be reset when 6.0 launches (due to needing to overwrite the database to implement the downscaling). As such, players are recommended to level up just before 6.0 launches.

New Allagan Tomestones will also be introduced. The Tomestones of Aphorism will have no weekly cap, and seem to be inspired by the main cast of Final Fantasy IV. Tomestones of Astronomy will be introduced 4 weeks after the launch of 6.0, and will be used for Savage Raid gear. The Tomestones needed for weapons will also be reduced from 1,000 to 500. Purple scrips for crafters and gathers will also be introduced.


The Viera and Hrothgar are also both getting more haistyles (among the six shown, Viera are getting one based on Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, and 2B from Nier Automata). The new hairstyles for Viera will be available in 6.0, while Hrothgar hairstyles will come in patch 6.1. Male Viera hairstyles are noted as not being limited based on how they were designed.

Among the miscellaneous changes; the achievement  UI will also be updated, resembling a journal rather than an in-game menu. Tabs for “Near Completion” and “Recommended” will also be added.

Players can gpose while playing an instrument, and the Company action “Back on Your Feet” will be replaced with a new action to extend sprint duration in cities. Items that contain a random minion or mount will be added to the Grand Company Seal Exchange, but may also now give fireworks.


It was also announced that Final Fantasy XIV would support Embody’s Immerse Spatial Audio on Window PC. This add-on provides 360-degree surround sound. Players must purchase the license from the website, and install the game pack.

Those who gain Early Access to Endwalker via pre-ordering the expansion will get a 14 day free trial period. They can also save 20% on all orders, and experience it early before general release. Otherwise the Gamepack will be available for purchase with patch 6.05.

You can find the segment from the Letter from the Producer Live and tech demo below.


There will also be an update to the Housing system. Along with a new 24-ward, 24-subdivisioned residential district in Ishgard in 6.1 (Empyreum, based on the Firmament) players can tour it in 6.0, there will also be new housing glamours.

There will also be a new land purchasing system. Currently, it is essentially first come, first serve. In 6.0, players will no longer be able to relocate to a land that is not ready for purchase. Land devaluation will be removed in 6.1.

Brand new Free Company members will also be unable to authorize the purchase of land in 6.1, nor can they be granted the rank FC Master. This is possibly due to Free Companies organizing members to stand near housing that will soon be up for sale, in order to be the first to purchase it.


Instead a lottery system will be used. For a private plot, a player must have one class or Job at level 50 or greater, and hold a Grand Company rank of Second Lieutenant or higher. Another character on the same account cannot own a plot on the same World- however players may enter the lottery for the purpose of relocating to a new plot.

Free companies must have at least four members, be rank 6 or higher, and the applying character must have authorization to purchase and relinquish land. The lottery itself will have a schedule shared across all Worlds and housing areas, where a player may only enter the lottery for one plot of land during that period.

The number of entrants will be displayed on the plot’s placard, and all players must pay the full price up front; but can be refunded in a limited time frame should they fail. Players may not withdraw from entering a lottery. If a winner does not claim their land soon after they win, it will be forfeit, and only 50% of the fee will be refunded.

Finally the Oceania Data Center, dubbed Materia, was announced to be launching in February 2022. All Worlds in Materia will be treated as New Worlds, offering free World transfers and other bonuses.


In case you missed it, we covered all the other changes coming with patch 6.0 when Endwalker launches. You can find the full Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVII below (starting 13:25).


Final Fantasy XIV is available for Windows PC, Mac (via the SE Store, and Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and still planned for Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can find our Shadowbringers expansion review here (we can’t recommend it enough!)

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