Walking Through the Endwalker Changes Coming to Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.0

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Furries, Potatoes, and Catboy weirdos gather ’round! It’s almost time for Endwalker, and with that came Live Letter 66. You can watch it right here along with the Job Actions trailer, cause I’m sure you don’t have anything else better to do than watch a 7 hour stream, right?

Of course not, otherwise why bother even clicking on this post? While you’ve got the new content coming via Endwalker, patch 6.0 will also drop on its release; November 23rd. This means they’ll be changes for even those who haven’t purchased the latest expansion.

Here’s a condensed version of changes that are coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker patch 6.0, and what to expect:


UPDATE: The Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVII revealed additional changes coming to 6.0, and beyond. You can find our coverage on that here.

General Changes:

  • Crafting is gonna get a little less complicated, and your inventory is about to be thankfully less jammed up. HQ basic items (High Quality) are being removed. You’ll still be able to make HQ versions of components that aren’t found as drops or sold from vendors, and that’ll allow you to still create HQ gear. All quests that require HQ items will be changed (Gathering professions rejoice) and buffs that allow for greater HQ chance will be reworked/changed.
  • Teleporting is going to see some changes in cost, and they won’t have a max fee anymore – which means it’ll probably be more expensive to jump across the world. There’s also some planned updates to the UI for Aethernet travel in the near future.
  • Traveling to other Data Centers is being pushed back due to server congestion issues.
  • Belts will no longer be obtainable or equippable. They’re not being removed per-say.
    • After patch 6.0, belts cannot be obtained, equipped, bought sold on the market board, affix or extract Materia, crafted, or turned in for leves and supply missions.
    • You can still remove Materia, turn them in for any Expert delivery missions, sold to NPCs, desynthesized, and discarded. Achievements and quests involving belts will be adjusted.
    • Belts you have equipped, are in your Armory Chest, or are equipped to a Retainer when the patch drops will be entrusted to the Calamity Salvager. The Speed Belt from Eureka Pagos can be exchanged for a ring from the Salvager.


Battle Changes:

  • Values for gear between levels 50-80 are gonna be reduced down to about 1/5 of the current amount. This will be off set by the potency of meals, potions, and Materia.
  • Only the dungeon boss will reward EXP now, likely to stop people from quitting before the dungeon ends. Undersized parties will now get an Enhanced Echo to help with difficulty balance. In turn, Blue Mage skills should be easier to farm now, since it’s like pulling teeth to get people to come help you get them.
  • Party Finder and Raid Finder will now split healers into pure and barrier healers. This should help see people playing all of the healer jobs, so you don’t have runs with multiple Scholars or Astrologians without any White Mages. Savage difficulty parties will include one pure and one barrier healer.
  • The Party Finder will also now have the option to sort and choose players who haven’t gotten their weekly completion rewards, and it will finally hide results due to the only one job requirement.
  • Trials with weapon drops now drop a weapon coffer as well as the weapons, giving an increased chance so you aren’t running Garuda 95 times in a row just to get a feathered axe for your glamour set.
  • High end raids released up to 3.x now drop a weapon coffer, and raids through 4.x will drop gear and accessories as coffers as well.
  • Unreal trials being removed until 6.1.
  • Ground targeting skills are finally being changed so you can’t try to cast it out of range.
  • Target of target for party members is finally being added, so you can see who’s being healed and revived so mana isn’t wasted during critical moments. Health bars will finally be visible when incapacitated, so people aren’t dropping from full health to 20% when a bubble or a stun wears off.


Role and Specific Job Changes:

General fixes:

  • Many primary abilities currently use a 60 to 120 second timer, and they’ll be working to make that timer universal across all the Jobs that have them.
  • Ranged actions for melee classes no longer break combos, so it’s even more fun to spam Tomahawks and Enpis.
  • Gap closers and abilities with dives/leaps are being fixed so they’re all in line with each other, and given more room to connect.
  • Melee users will see parity between physical and magical attributes of weapons at the same item level.

Job Specific:

  • Tanks: Using defensive skills “at the right times” give better benefits.
    • Paladin: Requiescat no longer diminishes based on how much MP you have. Confiteor can now start a three hit combo.
    • Warrior: AOE combos now proc +damage buffs. Onslaught and Upheaval will no longer drain Beast Gauge (finally!), while Inner Release is getting a new action while active.
    • Dark Knight: Salted Earth now affects everything around you, and grants a new action. Simulacrum (the shadow clone) will gain new actions you acquire.
    • Gunbreaker: You get an extra cartridge! Savage Claw and Wicked Talon now swap in for Gnashing Fang. Continuation can be used after Burst Strike.
  • Melee DPS: Feint now protects against magic damage as well, but not as much as physical.
    • Dragoon: Blood of the Dragon is finally now a trait. A new action will be available following successful combos, and AOE rotation will be expanded. One of those may include the return of the once-removed Ring of Thorns, also dubbed the pole-dance action by fans. Spineshatter Dive now has two charges.
    • Monk: Shoulder Tackle is being removed, and replaced with a dash to party member. Chakras will unlock sooner; and Perfect Balance allows Masterful Blitz. Blitz depends on what skills were used. Perfect Balance now two stacks.
    • Samurai: Jinpu and Shifu will be applied by AOE. New action will be available similar to Iaijutsu/Tsubame-gaeshi. Meikyo Shisui now two charges.
    • Ninja: New actions will be added to apply Huton, and new actions linked to Raiton, Doton. Shadow Fang will be removed.
    • (New Class) Reaper: Melee DPS that uses a Scythe and an avatar to attack. It grants buffs to party, and has unique actions in certain situations. The Soul gauge is used for special attacks, and it seems using a charge creates another resource to use for other actions. It’s described as playing similar to Samurai, but not pure melee – using some magical abilities.
  • Ranged Melee DPS:
    • Bard: Each song gets a new action to apply a party buff. There will also be a new action during Apex Arrow.
    • Machinist: New action called Chainsaw, and a new action for Automaton Queen. Reassemble now two charges.
    • Dancer: Flourishing Cascade now impacts single target and AOE skills (finally!) New actions will come after Technical Finish, Improvisation, and Devilment. Espirit is guaranteed, and less button prompts make Dancer slightly less complicated to play.
  • Magic DPS: Addle now protects against physical damage as well, but not as much as magical.
    • Black Mage: Enochain will become a trait applied when affected by Astral Fire or Umbral Ice. New actions under certain conditions when swapping between Fire and Ice phases. Proc cooldown extended. Fire/Blizzard II getting enhanced, will change AOE rotation.
    • Red Mage: New action after Scorch. Verflare/Verholy/Scorch changed to AOE, can be used in AOE rotation. Party defense buff being added. Adjustment to black/white mana to increase amounts earned, less required for weapon skills.
    • Summoner: Reworked once again. DoT’s will be removed, and players will summon Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan directly (not the goofy Egis). Abilities gain elemental primal properties after using Bahamut. After all elements used, players then summon Phoenix and restart the loop. Ruin IV will be proc’d by Energy Drain. Overall, the class is considerably more mobile.
  • Healers: Increased range on Limit Break, shorter cast times for offensive spells, and new abilities coming that grant single target buffs to the caster.
    • White Mage: Restorative field action will be added (visually as well as functionally.) Higher tier Holy that adds to Lillies. Fluid Aura removed. Divine Benison now charge action.
    • Astrologian: Redraw no longer has stacks. New AOE similar to Earthly Star. Diurnal/Nocturnal Sect removed, Diurnal added to heals.
    • Scholar: New action to increase in combat movement speed. Adding strong single target buff. As an aside, the scarcity of changes has been somewhat meme’d by the game’s community [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
    • (New Class) Sage: Flanked with drones that heal and harm at the same time. Unique resources for healing and buffs and attacks, and a meter that seems to build over time. Actions can be modified to become DoTs. It can also gather a resource used to drop an instant cast barrier. The Job even has a gap closer!

If you wanna see how any of the job changes look, you can find the 20 minute trailer here so you can see the visuals and what not. I’m just excited for this expansion to see more of the Alphasie and Alphinaud show.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for Windows PC, Mac (via the SE Store, and Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and still planned for Xbox One. The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion launches November 23rd. In case you missed it, you can find our Shadowbringers expansion review here (we can’t recommend it enough!)

Image: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker official website

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