Elden Ring PC exploit lets hackers trap your character in a death loop

Elden Ring PC exploit

A new Elden Ring PC exploit has surfaced via Twitter and Reddit posts in the past few days, demonstrating the new Elden Ring PC exploit.

As demonstrated by various user-uploaded posts, the new exploit allows hackers to damage your save file in a way that renders game progress impossible.

If a hacker invades your game, they can instantly crash your game and then teleport your character outside of the map. Upon restarting Elden Ring, your character will be stuck in an infinite fall loop and continually die and respawn.

The good news is that this trap can be escaped, although it will require some precise button inputs and luck. By manually quitting your game before dying, you can increase the window of time before your next death once you restart the game. Then, using hotkeys to quickly pull up your map and teleport to a Sign of Grace before your next death will allow you to escape the infinite void.

All things considered, this Elden Ring PC exploit is significantly less destructive than the RCE exploit found in Dark Souls III last month. In this context, some of the more hardcore players may see this as an evolution of the game’s PvP meta to counteract the rebalance that makes it difficult to engage in one-on-one invasions.

But for the millions of FromSoftware newcomers who are simply trying to summon co-op companions to defeat some of the many punishing bosses in this game, it would be nice to see Bandai Namco or From Software address this latest glitch with a hotfix or patch.

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Elden Ring is available now across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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