Elden Ring Duplication Exploit Guide (Xbox) 30 Million Runes

Elden Ring Duplication Exploit

As the exploitation has been circled around the net, we prepped up an Elden Ring Duplication Exploit Guide (Xbox).

As many are aware, Elden Ring can be a difficult game for most gamers. For those who are unfamiliar with SoulsBourne games, Elden Ring can be overwhelming and confusing. Because of this, many players have asked FromSoftware to decrease the difficulty.

Others have banded together to take down and farm the sleeping dragon in Caelid in order to level.  Like other Souls games, Elden Ring was meant for players to be able to play the game solo, with friends, or with complete strangers.

What FromSoftware didn’t expect, was players would use the Co-Op system they provided to make the game a lot easier. This exploit has even spawned a digital marketplace to sell the benefits of this exploit to casual/rookie players. In this guide, we will cover the Elden Ring Duplication glitch as it is now before a future patch for the Xbox.

Going into the Elden Ring Duplication exploit/bug, it is important to know that multiple things can possibly go wrong. Some of the key things to know before going into this exploit are: You could lose your save data, items, time, and potentially your sanity.

Elden Ring Duplication on the Xbox

While playing Elden Ring, an Xbox user by the Gamertag Floor 808, not only duplicated Lord’s Rune’s for us but showed us how it was done. The Elden Ring Duplication exploit has two methods for successful completion, however, the second one is personally our favorite. We have found that you can duplicate any item that you leave behind without any issues if done correctly.

Going into this exploit, there are two things to be aware of: 1 having an uncommon group password and 2. you cannot summon someone where that area’s boss has been slain. For this exploit, you will need multiple copies of the Lord’s Rune, Furcalling Finger Remedies, and the Tarnished’s Furled Finger.

Joining the host (Single Stacks)

This version is definitely the slowest option and the most time-consuming. When joining another player’s world, the player joining the world will have to leave the item they wish to duplicate for the other player. Then they will have to discard another item. After doing such, the player then goes to the Xbox home screen, hits the start button (3 white lines) on Elden Ring, and goes down to Manage game and add-ons. Once in the Manage game and add ons’ menu, go down to the Saved data option. Then select the save file and select Delete from Console.

DO NOT SELECT DELETE FROM EVERYWHERE! or else your character will be gone.

As long as the host did not return the guest to their world, both players will have a copy of whatever item. When the player reboots the game, the cloud save will load a previous save and the person who dropped the item will still have it in their inventory.

Elden Ring Summon

Multiple Stacks Elden Ring Duplication Method

For multiple stacks, the player who plans to drop the items will need to host the game. Most players or sellers are currently dropping Lord’s Runes for other players to level. Some of these players are selling these duplicated runes for anywhere between $20 to $200. Agreeing upon a password and an available location with minimal enemy traffic is key. At the start of the multiple stacks Elden Ring duplication exploit, the player being summoned should put down their Tarnished’s Furled Finger. The host will then need to locate the golden summoning sign using a Furcalling Finger Remedy. Once the host locates the tag, they are in the clear to start dropping items.

The host will then start to leave item stacks on the ground for the summoned player to pick up. When duplicating the Lord’s Rune stacks, the host will have to sit at the grace location and sort their chest. While sorting their chest, the host will then withdraw any Runes or items they wish to drop. The current maximum for Lord’s Runes able to be held is under 700.

Once all items are dropped, the host can then summon the guest player. Once the summoned player picks up all the items, the host disconnects by deleting their local save as previously mentioned in the section above. This will return the summoned player back to their world with the duplicated items. Once they return to their world, it is important to rest at multiple Grace locations. Once rested, travel around the map multiple times. Then the player will need to exit the game through the settings tab. Loading back in helps to establish the save further. Then close the game through the console. Once the game is booted back up, the items will be secured.

What to Know

The former host will notice that any progress between saves will be reset. It is important to know what might need to be redone after the Elden Ring duplication exploit. At the moment, this is currently available for all Xbox players to do.


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