Elden Ring Brass Shield guide – finding one of the best early shields in the game

Elden Ring Brass Shield guide

In our Elden Ring Brass Shield guide, we’ll show you where to get the Brass Shield, one of the best early game shields and one of the best medium shields overall.

If you’re a filthy casual like me that relies on strong guarding to compensate for poor dodging, you’ll probably want to find a good shield like the above mentioned as soon as possible.

If you started as a Vagabond or Confessor, you’ll already have a decent shield to begin with. But even these stalwart classes can benefit from searching for this particular shield.

Here’s our guide:

Elden Ring Brass Shield guide

The Brass Shield can be found early in the Limgrave region. This is the first area players where players begin their journey on the way to Stormveil Castle.

Along the road you’ll encounter a great many soldiers wearing green and red tabards and using a shield. These are the Godrick Soldiers which can drop your new Brass Shield.

Here’s a map of Limgrave and encircled is the area where you can farm shielded Godrick Soldiers early on.

Elden Ring Brass Shield guide

According to an unofficial Elden Ring wiki, the Brass Shield appears to have a roughly 1% drop rate. In our Elden Ring Brass Shield guide we’ll further detail how this won’t affect you.

However, if you’re running a heavy armor build, you’re sure to benefit from other drops provided by the Godrick Soldiers (heck, I found a Gilded Greatshield while taking the screenshot at the top); so even if the grind takes a while you’ll get more than just a shield out of it.

The Brass Shield is on average one of the best medium shields defensively, with 100 physical protection, it also boasts over 50 in every energy defense except for Lightning. Some other shields can outclass it in one category or another, but players will appreciate the versatile defense of this shield.

Elden Ring is available now across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough and spoiler-free review and video review for Elden Ring here.

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