Dokibird unveils new model from artist Kamamesigogo


Dokibird has unveiled a new VTuber model from artist Kamamesigogo.

Fans of Dokibird might recognize the artist as the one who created her Selen Tatsuki model when she worked for NIJISANJI EN. The new model called the “Bounty Hunter” model is visiually distinct from her usual Dokibird appearance, instead it has a bit of a wild west theme to it.

You can check out the model reveal stream below.

Dokibird (Selen Tatsuki) had an explosive falling out with NIJISANJI EN following the removal of a music video which she herself paid for. NIJISANJI is notorious for its alleged micromanagement of its talents, and how it exerts that control by allegedly keeping resources and other materials from its talents. Most famously, NIJISANJI keeps the play buttons that talents receive for reaching YouTube subscriber milestones, and even maintains ownership of the Steam accounts they use.

Since she was “terminated” from Nijisanji, Dokibird has gone on to renewed success. This is due in part to the fact that even fans of NIJISANJI talents are increasingly fed up of the company’s practices.

Just now finding out about Nijisanji? We have a convenient list of other VTuber companies if you’re interested.

Fans of Selen Tatsuki can find her now at Dokibird on her official Twitter and YouTube accounts. You can find Selen’s “Last Cup of Coffee” music video which Nijisanji doesn’t want you to see here.

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