Nijisanji terminates contract with Selen Tatsuki

Selen Tatsuki

Nijisanji has officially terminated their contract with VTuber Selen Tatsuki after over a month of radio silence on the issue.

Selen previously took an indefinite hiatus after posting a music video to her channel and allegedly being compelled to take it down by management. In response, Selen encouraged fans to reupload and mirror the video if possible.

You can read the full statement from ANYCOLORS (Nijisanji parent company) below.

Under the management of Nijisanji Selen has consistently been blocked by management for organizing content, with her fully funded and prepared music video being the latest example. It’s strange that Nijisanji would go on to complain about the fan reuploads seeing as the music video was “unauthorized” anyways.

Other issues Selen has faced include having to cancel an international Fall Guys tournament despite organizing for it being well underway. It left fans wondering how the tournament could be spoken about so publicly until it was nearly ready before Nijisanji pulled the plug, causing doubts about Nijisanji’s management.

While Selen may be gone, she can be found again as Dokibird.

Selen (hereafter referred to as Dokibird) allegedly tried to leave on “neutral” terms in late January but was apparently denied. Instead Nijisanji took the extra time to create their statement portraying Selen’s time with the company in a more negative light, despite Dokibird having been a key figure in the company’s EN side since 2021.

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