Elira Pendora hosts stream sharing Nijisanji’s side of Selen Tatsuki termination, fans are skeptical

Elira Nijisanji

Nijisanji has made the decision to use one of their talent’s channels in order to share their side of the story in regards to Selen Tatsuki’s termination.

Despite having an official EN channel, for some reason Nijisanji chose to use the channel of talent Elira Pendora to share their message, speculatively in an attempt to mislead fans into watching when they otherwise wouldn’t.

Elira introduces the stream which she hosts alongside “Vox” and “Ike”. Fans are already skeptical about the sincerity of Elira’s involvement due to the subdued tone during the intro, as well as the clinical nature information is disseminated in the stream. You can watch it for yourself below.

The video includes private DMs between Selen Tatsuki and Anycolors staff which allegedly support the company’s version of events.

The response to the stream is overwhelmingly in support of Selen, with many fans concerned that Anycolors/Nijisanji is using Elira as a shield from criticism.


Fans of Selen Tatsuki can find her now at Dokibird on her official Twitter and YouTube accounts. You can find Selen’s “Last Cup of Coffee” music video which Nijisanji doesn’t want you to see here.

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