5 VTuber groups that aren’t Nijisanji

Selen Tatsuki

If you’ve been paying attention in recent days, Nijisanji has been trying to control the discourse regarding their termination of Selen Tatsuki.

As a result, Selen returned to her original indie identity as Dokibird and fans have continued to criticize the company for what they considering a mishandling of the situation. All of this is on top of previous criticisms fans have had for the company, such as talents allegedly only seeing approximately 2% of merch profits.

Here we’re showcasing 5 VTuber groups you may want to check out if you’re a former Nijisanji fan.

5. V-Dere


V-Dere is a small “talent run” agency consisting of Elia Stellaria, Airi Viridis, Mozumi Pichi, and Kirispica. The four talents came together as the V-Dere group in 2023 although two of them have had a presence on Twitch since 2021.

The four of them cover content ranging from ASMR, to horror streams, to normal gameplay. You can check out their YouTube channels below:

Kirispica is hosting a Valentine’s Day tarot reading later today (February 13) which you can check out here.

4. VShojo


VShojo was one of the first to cash in on the (at the time) underserved market of English-speaking VTuber fans. Originally debuting in 2020, they debuted around the same time as HoloEN’s first generation.

The company is home to popular VTubers such as Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, Kson, and Henya (some of them might sound a bit familiar). Below is a list of some of their talents and links to their YouTube or Twitch channels:

VShojo sets themselves apart from most other groups by primarily streaming on Twitch instead of YouTube.

3. Phase-Connect

Phase Connect

More than just a foul-mouthed rabbit, Phase-Connect is home to over a dozen VTubers who all seem to be given a decent deal of freedom to be as unhinged as they please.

Also known as the “the sad girls company” because of their teasing relationship with Phase-Connect founder Sakana, the group is constantly growing and introducing new talents through their Phase Invaders group or just additional generations.

Below is a list of some of their talents and links to their YouTube channels:

Last year we went to go see Pippa in person, and by “in person” we mean we saw her billboard in rural Tennessee.

2. Idol Corp


Idol Corp is a bit of a dark horse, having debuted with a generation of Hebrew speaking idols. However later that year they launched their first EN branch which they’re arguably more known for today.

After releasing their newest English generation last year, the company has cooled off a bit as far as new debuts but that’s only given their existing talents more time to grow.

Below is a list of some of their talents and links to their YouTube channels:

The company is doing further linguistic trailblazing, they opened auditions for Spanish speaking talents last summer and fans are eagerly awaiting news of the first generation of IdolES.

1. Hololive


Did you think you’d get through the list without seeing Hololive? Sure they’re big and well-known, but that doesn’t preclude them from the list here.

Hololive is the largest VTuber group operating today with over 60 active members. Hololive (and in particular Kiryu Coco) is credited with helping popularize VTubing among English speakers and debuted their first EN generation in 2020. The company’s de facto mascot and VTuber Tokino Sora has been active since 2017.

Below is a list of some of their talents and links to their YouTube channels:

In addition to their large JP and EN branches, Hololive is also leading the way in Indonesian talent.

As always, fans of Selen Tatsuki can find her now at Dokibird on her official Twitter and YouTube accounts. You can find Selen’s “Last Cup of Coffee” music video which Nijisanji doesn’t want you to see here.

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