Blue Archive tops $240 million in revenue, had best month in January

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Blue Archive has managed to generate over $240 million (~32.3 billion yen) since it’s launch two years ago.

While it’s far from the levels of a game like Genshin Impact, it is a hefty milestone (via Sensor Tower) most games don’t come close to matching. Not only that, but the game also enjoyed its best month in revenue back in January.

Data suggests that the game’s revenue has been growing strongly since it’s launch. This is good new for publisher Nexon and Yostar, who have also recently announced a new anime project based on Blue Archive.

When it comes to where much of the game’s revenue comes from, unsurprisingly Japan takes the number one spot, as they also had the game released first by about nine months before the rest of the world.

Right after them is South Korea, which also makes sense as the developers are Korean, and finally the United States comes in third place with revenue.

While Blue Archive has seen some controversy during its existence, the developers have worked hard to deal with customer complaints. There was the major controversary of censorship, where now the game has two versions, one for teens and one for adults.

Recently there was an issue with the game’s localization, which upset fans as well. The developers quickly rolled out a patch fixing the errors done. So they have done their best in maintaining the good will of their fans.

In case you missed it, you can check out our review for Blue Archive here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)

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