Blue Archive confirms app split, rolls back censorship

Blue Archive

Nexon has released an early notice of Blue Archive’s upcoming app split, creating a teen and adult version of the game.

This new update details what will occur when the app split happens, which is planned for the game’s next update on November 29th.

Per our previous coverage, the current app that players have installed will become the “adult” version, meaning those who want to continue with an uncensored experience don’t have to change apps.

However, those users must be authenticated as an adult on their respective app stores before the update rolls out.

They also provided details on what would be restricted for the teen version of Blue Archive, which is listed down below per their announcement:

Blue Archive app split details

Store names of the new app

  • Apple App Store: Blue Archive (12) / Google Play: Blue Archive (15)
  • The content remains the same regardless of the difference in app names with differing age ratings.

The following changes will be made in the Teen Version:

  • The Izumi (Swimsuit) Recollection Lobby image will be partially modified.
  • The Ako Recollection Lobby image will be partially modified.
  • Portions of the Karin Relationship Story dialogue will be revised.

    * Apart from the above, there will be no further changes or differences between the current Blue Archive and the Teen Version.

Game data will also be transferred between apps, so there should be no issue of losing progress barring any potential technical problems.

Those who play the game should read the full announcement to ensure they don’t encounter any issues when the update occurs next week.

This new update also brings a rollback to the censorship of a scene which caused major backlash late last year.

The censorship rollback was actually announced in the letter when they first announced the app split, however the letter is actually an updated version of the one we reported on above.

So while it’s not new information, it was likely missed by many as indicated by the massive difference in view counts between the initial announcement and the updated one.

Are any of you players of the gacha title? If so, do you plan on staying with the adult version, assuming you’re able to due to age, or will you be switching to the teen version of the game?

In case you missed it, you can check out our review for Blue Archive here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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