16bit Sensation English subtitles littered with western slang

“Localizers” have earned themselves more scorn as the English subtitles for anime 16bit Sensation: Another Layer are full of western Internet slang not present in the original dialogue.

A Twitter user shared some screenshots of the official English subtitles, which randomly inserted western Internet memes and lingo. You can view them above and below:

16bit Sensation: Another Layer is about an illustrator who loves bishoujo games lamenting the current “gacha game craze” and ends up traveling back in time to 1992.

16bit Sensation: Another Layer is licensed by “Crunchyroll” and “SEA: Muse Communication”.

This isn’t the first time “localizers” have taken liberty with English subtitles, and often even English dubs are subjected to such perversions by having irrelevant politics inserted into them.



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