Dark Gathering subtitles change “lolicon” into “problematic age gap”

Another video service is streaming an anime with a dubious “localization” as the English-subtitled version of Dark Gathering has a controversial change.

The English subtitles/translation for the Dark Gathering anime, via HIDIVE,¬†translated “lolicon” into “problematic age gap”.

Twitter users watching the anime on HIDIVE noticed the bizarre translation, and provided a comparison between the original Japanese version and the English subtitles:

The Japanese indicates the dialogue uttered was “Lolicon no Kamisama ni ha marude makeru ki ga shinai”, which roughly translates to this more accurate fan translation that was found by another user:

A lolicon is an individual with an obsession with “loli”, or content that involves fictional characters who are short and petite (and are occasionally underage). The word is often used to describe others in anime/manga as well.

Here’s some other examples of the anime having questionable translations:

This isn’t the first time the word “loli” was censored in English subtitles by western companies. Other anime shows such as Hensuki, Tensei shitara Ken Deshita, and Bishounen Tanteidan decided to turn the word into “pedophile”.

Such a translation is dishonest as lolicon enjoy seeing fictional characters who are of a loli stature, while pedophiles target real children.



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