#GamerGate: Lies, Corruption, and a New Beginning
Sega and Gearbox Sued and How Even This Fits into #GamerGate
So, Why Shouldn’t Gaming Be Fun?
Self-Entitlement, Steam Black Outs, and You: Why This is Silly
Phil Fish Says His Company Polytron and the FEZ IP Are For Sale
The Schism of Gaming – Zoe Quinn, Nepotism, and White Knight Journalism
Will Bloggers Replace So-Called Journalists? When RPG Site Doesn’t Fact Check
An Hour of Gaming is Good For You…But Not a Bit More!
Is Polygon the New Kotaku? When Games Journalism Turns to Madness
A Story of Akiba’s Trip 2 & Ignorance – When Bloggers Who Don’t Play Video Games Talk as if They Do
Why Senran Kagura Embracing Large Breasts is Not Filth, and Not a Problem in the Gaming Industry
The Debut Trailer for Story of Seasons is Distancing Itself from the Harvest Moon Name

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