Class of Heroes 3 and Summon Night 5 are Coming West
Star Ocean 5 is Confirmed for PS3 and PS4
Monster Hunter Stories, a 3DS RPG, is Revealed – Coming in 2016
Project X Zone 2 Officially Announced, Coming West this Fall
ys vi the ark of napishtim 04-26-15-1
Open Forum #40
girl friend beta 04-26-15-1
Girl Friend Beta is Coming to Playstation Vita on August 20
summon night 5 04-26-15-2
Summon Night 5 Sales Could Lead to More Localizations, PC Version is Possible
ancestors the humankind odyssey 04-26-15-1
The Creator of Assassin’s Creed Reveals Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
Xenoblade Chronicles X Stream Reveals Cute Loli, Triggers Outrage
Get Hyped About Graphics In New Behind The Scenes Witcher 3 Video
silent hills 04-26-15-1
Guillermo del Toro: Silent Hills is “Not Gonna Happen” [UPDATE]
south park 04-26-15-2
Fan Outrage Against Paid Steam Mods Cost Valve $1 Million in 2 Days
rival schools 2 04-26-15-1
Capcom Boss Wants to Make New Street Fighter Alpha, Rival Schools, Asks for Fan Input
tekken 7 04-26-15-1
Gigas, the Red Giant, is Officially Revealed for Tekken 7
pokken tournament 04-26-15-1
Gengar Brings a Ghastly Presence to Pokken Tournament
super smash. bros 04-26-15-1
Pro Super Smash Bros. Player Gets Sponsored by Hentai Site Fakku

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