Net High Sees a Japanese Government-Mandated Social Network to Fight Societal Issues
Denis Dyack Interview Part 1 – Yellow Journalism and What Really Happened with X-Men Destiny
An Expansion is Confirmed for Bloodborne
Koji Igarashi’s Castlevania Successor is Revealed as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
chaos rings iii 05-28-15-1
Chaos Rings III is Now Available in English on Both iOS and Android
persona 4 dancing all night 05-28-15-1
Persona 4: Dancing All Night Western Date Confirmed, Launch and Limited Editions Revealed
thief 05-28-15-1
Games with Gold for June 2015 Bring Thief, Just Cause 2, and More
one piece pirate warriors 3 05-28-15-1
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is Launching in August on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and PC
sword art online hollow fragment 05-28-15-1
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment is Coming with a New English Translation on PS4
killer instinct 05-28-15-1
Get a Look at the Cybernetic Ara in Killer Instinct
wildstar 05-28-15-1
WildStar is Going Free to Play this Fall
The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival 05-28-15-1
New Trailer for The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Shows Metallia in Action
dissidia final fantasy 05-28-15-1
Squall Leonheart and Bartz Klauser are Confirmed for Dissidia Final Fantasy [UPDATE]
Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc Neptune VS Zombie Army 05-28-15-1
Here’s the First Look at Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army
Watch Witcher 3’s Gwent Mini-Game Played For Real
Relive The 1980s Racing Game Scene With Horizon Chase

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