Sweet Baby Inc Detected curator launches DEIDetected website


Kabrutus, the creator of the controversial “Sweet Baby Inc. Detected” Steam curator has launched a new site called “DEIDetected”.

DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion which is an organizational framework that proponents claim is meant to encourage the participation of historically underrepresented groups in society.

However, in recent months DEI has become a catchall term for progressive policies and in the context of media has come to refer to censorship and design choices that are seemingly motivated by this cause.

A quick glance at the DEIDetected site shows a list of a small handful of games including Pokemon GO which recently sparked fan backlash after an avatar redesign, speculatively inspired by consultants GaymerX, as well as the recently released Eiyuden Chronicles which stands out for not having a known consultancy firm attached to it, but makes the list nonetheless for political-driven Western localization.

DEI Detected claims to have the same goal as the initial Steam group when it comes to informing consumers about the products available to them, saying in the official FAQ:

The DEIDetected has the goal of bringing consumer awareness by letting people know what games have DEI ideology implementend[SIC] in their development cycle as well as how it affects our culture as a whole.

In the wake of rebranding, it seems the site has moved on from merely informing users if Sweet Baby Inc. is involved in a game and making their own decisions, to advocating that players avoid games which it considers as “DEI infested” saying:

Forced DEI is becoming unbearable on games. It’s time to push back. Vote with your wallet!

However while the site does host articles with researched evidence about a game’s alleged “DEI” design, the site refuses to inform consumers where to purchase the game if they consider the issues worth ignoring, simply saying “we do not share links to DEI infested games”.

You can check out the DEIDetected site for yourself here.



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