Update: “Censored” Stellar Blade costume may be a hoax

Stellar Blade

UPDATE: Footage that’s seemingly from before the “Day 1 Patch” shows Eve wearing the “censored” outfit, indicating that it was either altered before or it may be a different outfit entirely.

UPDATE 2: The Reddit user who claimed to have unpatched their game to see the original outfit posted a screenshot which supports their claims. We’ve kept the original article intact below.

Old Headline – Rumor: Stellar Blade censors Eve’s Holiday Rabbit costume

Stellar Blade, the upcoming action RPG from Korean developer SHIFT UP has allegedly censored one of Eve’s many outfits.

The game, which has received publicity for its unabashed fanservice in the wake of current cultural trends made the bold claim that the game would be released uncensored. While it hasn’t officially released yet, patches are already under way that are changing the game before the majority of gamers can notice a difference.

Yesterday, the company swiftly patched out an unintentional allusion to a racial slur. However fans are now noticing a change in Eve’s Holiday Rabbit costume.

The original costume had Eve in a leotard-hoodie contraption with a plunging neckline. An undershirt has been added to de-emphasize her cleavage which can be seen here at approximately 2:12.


A Reddit user claiming to be the original poster of the uncensored version, claims that they unpatched their game and were able to see the difference in skin coverage between game versions.

Stellar Blade is scheduled to release on April 26th for the PS5. A playable demo has been also been released, with the ability to save game data being available since March 29th.

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