Value reversing Counter-Strike 2 bans over AMD’s Anti-Lag+

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In a new update for Counter-Strike 2, Value announced they’ll be doing a startup check for incompatible AMD drivers to prevent unaware players from playing with AMD’s Anti-Lag+ enabled.

Alongside news of the new update is the surprising announcement that Valve will also be reversing the VAC bans for those affected.

Previously, AMD rolled out a quick driver update disabling the feature after it was learned that players with this active would accidently trigger the anti-cheat of games such as Counter-Strike 2, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.

It remains to be seen if Activision or Electronic Arts will also be rolling back bans as a result of this feature for their respective titles.

AMD’s Anti-Lag+ was meant to be a competitor to Nvidia’s Reflex technology. The idea behind the tech is to reduce input latency for fast paced games.

While Nvidia’s solution has to be implemented on a per-game basis, AMD hoped their umbrella-style driver solution would allow them an edge in availability.

Unfortunately this had an unfortunate side effect with some game’s anti-cheat software as the technology would make unwanted alterations to game files, hence the bans. As the feature has been disabled, one will have to see in the future to see how AMD intends to implement it going forward.

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