AMD disables Anti-Lag+ feature due to it tripping game anti-cheat services

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While FSR 3 was the big major feature AMD announced just over a month ago, the company also improved on one of their older features in the form of Anti-Lag+.

The new anti-lag feature is meant to compete against Nvidia Reflex, but is enabled within the driver to be available in a wider range of games.

Unfortunately, this new feature had an unintended consequence for gamers, where activating this feature would trip the anti-cheat software found in games such as CS2, COD, resulting users getting banned.

Due to this, the latest driver update by AMD disables this feature in all supported games to prevent those unaware of this news from falling victim to this mistake.

It’s important to note that the newer feature is only supported on the latest AMD hardware, which would be their RX 7000 series of GPUs. This means the issue doesn’t affect all AMD GPU owners.

However, it’s still recommended that anyone using their GPUs should update their drivers to the latest version and ensure that Anti-Lag+ is disabled until this issue is sorted out.

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